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Online seminar series on statistical learning and related topics

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The effects of CoViD-19 pervades through research communities across the globe, causing cancelled conferences, post-poned research visits, and suspended projects. Like many others, we have sought other opportunities for collaboration in spite of the current state of affairs and have therefore organized this online seminar series in statistical learning.


We are going to use zoom. The seminar will be 1 hour long, with 45 minutes allocated to the presentation itself and 15 minutes to discussions afterwards.

Here are some ground rules for these seminars:

Waiting room

You will be placed in a waiting room when entering the zoom seminar. Please wait for the host to let you in to the meeting.

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The seminar is held on a weekly basis on fridays and will run at least until June 12. Each seminar starts at 16:30 CEST.

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Upcoming talks

The seminar series will take a break after July 10. We hope to see you again in the fall!

Previous talks

Date Speaker Title Resources
July 10 Patrick Tardivel The Geometry of Uniqueness and Model Selection of Penalized Estimators including SLOPE, LASSO and Basis Pursuit presentation, paper
July 10 Ahmad Mousavi Solution Uniqueness of Convex Piecewise Affine Functions Based Optimization with Applications to Constrained $\ell_1$ Minimization presentation, paper
July 3 Patrick Tardivel On the sign recovery by LASSO, thresholded LASSO and thresholded Basis Pursuit Denoising presentation, slides, paper
July 3 Aude Sportisse Robust Lasso-Zero for sparse corruption and model section with missing covariates presentation, slides, paper
June 26 Lukasz Smaga Permutation tests for coefficients of variation in general one-way ANOVA models presentation, slides
June 12 Aaron Molstad Insights and algorithms for the multivariate square-root lasso slides, paper
June 5 Damian Brzyski The adaptive incorporation of multiple sources of information in Brain Imaging via penalized optimization presentation, slides
May 29 Wojchiech Rejchel Fast and robust procedures in high-dimensional variable selection presentation, slides, paper
May 22 Jaroslaw Harezlak Brain Connectivity-Informed Adaptive Regularization for Generalized Outcomes presentation, slides
May 22 Jaroslaw Harezlak Wearable Devices - Statistical Learning to the Rescue presentation, slides
May 8 Johan Larsson The strong screening rule for SLOPE presentation, slides, paper
May 8 Patrick Tardivel Screening rules for the lasso presentation


Recordings of the talks on this seminar are hosted at


This seminar series is organized by The Department of Mathematics, Wrocław University and The Department of Statistics, Lund University.

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